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Neslihan Kaymak is an actress and performance artist who was born in Istanbul. In 2009, when she was studying for her first bachelor's degree in

Biology at Bolu Abant Izzet Baysal University, she discovered her interest in theatre. After experiencing acting in the University’s theatre club, she decided to start an acting career.


In 2014 she started her bachelors in acting at Kadir Has University and had the opportunity to experience interdisciplinary classes and workshops and to perform in and create several projects and plays. She studied her last semester at HKU University of Arts Utrecht in the Netherlands.


As a performer, she worked with Aidan Boyle and Gob Squat Art Collective in the Netherlands. She graduated from Kadir Has University with High Honors Degree in 2019. Also, during and after her study, she did clown performances on the streets and in various stages with international clowns in Turkey and Greece.


In 2020 she worked with Caner Akdeniz who is a director from G7 Theaterhaus in Mannheim on a performance and acted in a short film called Mannheim’2. In 2021, during the pandemic, she collaborated with the “Lokal Anestezi” video-art crew on a video which is called “Stranger to Me” that got accepted to Moscow Online Isolation short Film Festival.

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