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MAY 25TH-29TH 2022

High Res Worlds 2022 // Video Showcases

“In this virtual collaboration, nine Hong Kong and Asian diasporic artists share with us their fictional worlds—that follow contemporary art, technology, personal narratives, and diving into forms of multi-media work. Expect shots from the psyche, fictional characters, experimental sound bites, and takes on performative dance. From the artists Choi Sai Ho, Jessie Tam, It's Us: Ophelia, Lo Lai Lai, Kenneth Ka Chun Hui, Bo Choy, Ka Kiu Chan, Hu Rui, and Joshua Serafin.

This showcase will reconstruct their expansive creative bodies and careers, and examine how digital worlds can affect our perception of art. Uncover more in the world of visual, performative, digital, and computerized scenes.”

*Our film INHALE, RINSE & REPEAT film was showcased during the exhibition.

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