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Reggie Yip is a Hong Kong Chinese performer and creator with a background in Experimental and Physical Theatre. 


She has been seen internationally in productions such as Secret Theatre Project (Hong Kong), FORE! (CNP/La Comédie de Saint-Étienne) as well as productions such as the Kaiden Project (Rogue Artist Ensemble) and MEAT (Son of Semele). She can also include the  Buttercup (The Powerpuff Girls Smash/SundayToz, INC) and Wing Diver (Earth Defense Force 5, Sandlot). Having graduated from the California Institute of The Arts with a BFA in Acting, her CalArts Theater School productions include The Warsaw Uprising, Saint Simone, Another Troy and In the Ravine.


So, Count Mine was built from the ground up during a time of creative necessity. Reggie hopes the audience’s journey through its world allows evocation and curiosity to remain. 

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