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Gökçe, was born in İstanbul / Turkey in 1995. In 2000 she has first started studying music in Trakia University Conservatory as a member of Piano Departmant. She gained many experiences on live performing with attending such music contests and festivals both solo or chamber music categories. Along her classical music education, in such international academies and workshops, she got chance to be trained and experienced various fields like; staging process, performing techniques, and pedagogical music education. 

Between 2012 - 2014, she participated in Wellington Jazz Academy - Canada, intensified her theorical background on jazz music and improvisation skills. In 2018, she has graduated form Istanbul Bilgi University Music Department, studied on composition and sound design. Beside her music workspaces, she currently interested and working individually on writing, drawing, thinking on language and sound. Beginning from 2018, as a result of her tendency to body and movement relations with sound ; she is working and producing in some particular theatre communities and departments in Istanbul, as a performer, actress and sound designer.

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